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Wiygul Automotive Clinic

Locations - Clinton, MD

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The new place for outstanding auto repair in Clinton, Maryland that residents love is Wiygul Automotive Clinic. Since 1976, we have offered our clients a wide selection of tires, and we have expanded into the Clinton, Maryland market. Now Clinton, Maryland locals can take advantage of full service auto repair from a family-owned business that offers outstanding customer service!

What makes our auto repair location in Clinton, Maryland so special? Simply put, there is no auto repair issue our well trained and experienced team cannot handle. When we began our family business, we started with tire service, but then we grew to offer complete car repair. Today, our business has grown to multiple stores, and we have a new location at 8007 Malcolm Road in Clinton, Maryland. When you come to Wiygul Automotive Clinic, you can order tires of all types, and get the best in auto repair, too!

Here is a recent online review from one of our happy auto repair clients that lives near Clinton, Maryland:

“Always a pleasant experience and I like the fact that they remember me every time I come back. I have been getting my vehicle serviced by them for approximately 3 years and I will continue to refer friends and coworkers.”  -- Autumn

If your vehicle needs a new set of tires, come see us in Clinton, Maryland. You’ll be thrilled to experience what our one-stop auto care center has to offer! Call us today at 301-856-8119 to request an appointment.  Try us, you will absolutely love us!

8007 Malcolm Road
Clinton, MD 20735

Phone: 301-856-8119
Fax: 301-856-8116

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Reviews for Wiygul Automotive Clinic

Recommended? Yes, by , March 12, 2015
Great customer service! Reasonable rates too.
Recommended? Yes, by , March 10, 2015
Didnt like the fact that it almost took 2 hours to get an oil change what was the purpose of making an appointment and getting there early
Recommended? Yes, by , February 23, 2015
The service I received at Wiygul was great. It was my second time going there for service.
Recommended? Yes, by , February 19, 2015
Very courteous, attentive and genuinely showed concerned about my needs. I will visit again.
Recommended? Yes, by , February 18, 2015
These guys are great. Especially Bryan Holly. He goes out of his way to make sure my vehicles are taken care of in a timely and professional manor. Because of him I bring all of my vehicles there and so does my mom.
Recommended? Yes, by , February 11, 2015
I found Charlie and Staff to be great customer service providers. They were kind, considerate, and very informative. I will recommend others.
Dr. J. A.Dula PhD
Major. USAF Retired
Disabled Veteran
Recommended? Yes, by , February 10, 2015
Shop was very busy, but they squeezed me in and I was on my way.
Recommended? Yes, by , January 28, 2015
I came to wiygul in an emergency situation with my car and the techs there took my description of what was going on and right away looked at my car and told me what was going on. Not only did they tell me what the problem was but they showed me. Problem was taken care of in a timely fashion and gave me a ride home. Called me when car was ready and asked if I need to be picked up . I applaud you techs on their professionalism.
Recommended? No, by , January 3, 2015
No same day service.
Recommended? Yes, by , December 20, 2014
This was the first time that I have used this auto repair shop was very satisfied with the service. I normally go to Mere cedes repair shop decided to use Wiygul they told me more about my car than than Merecedes shop I knew something was wrong with my vehicle. The staff excellent customer service. I will definitely refer my friends to Wiygul.
Recommended? Yes, by , December 14, 2014
I will rate my experience as a 5 stars. People are nice and the service was excellent. I will continue to take all my vehicles here.
Recommended? Yes, by , December 12, 2014
Professional and courteous service.
Recommended? Yes, by , December 12, 2014
I am new to the area and have had my Honda Accord and my Jeep Grand Cherokee serviced at this Goodyear/Wiygul Auto center in Clinton. So far so good. Great professionals who understands your needs, honest and straight forward. Highly recommended.
Recommended? Yes, by , August 25, 2014
Recommended? Yes, by , August 25, 2014
I always receive EXCELLENTt service when I go to Wiygul Automotive in Clinton.
Recommended? Yes, by , August 25, 2014
I have been going to this location for some years now. Every time I bring one of my cars here I am meet with pleasant individuals who are willing to help me make my ride the best it can be. They are always going above and beyond the norm to let me know things about my car that I may not know or not had the pleasure of someone else informing me. Do not be fooled into thinking this is just a tire place because this location offers so much more than just selling you tires. I call this Wiygul location my one stop shop and I hope you will call it your too.
Recommended? Yes, by , July 7, 2014
Excellent customer service.
Recommended? Yes, by , June 26, 2014
Shuttle service was great. Timeliness of service was excellent. Slightly overpriced
Recommended? Yes, by , June 26, 2014
Excellent and friendly service. I was not pressured to get all the work done at one time. The services were prioritized so I could afford the bill. Charlie always takes care of me:-)!
Recommended? No, by , June 25, 2014
I came in there with 2 problems. Engine start up noise and a noise that was coming through the air conditioning vents. I paid just under $1500.00 and still left with the same problems I came in with.
Left the truck there twice. Showed Charlie and the mechanic what wasn't fixed on Saturday. They said they new what the problem was and would have the truck fixed by the end of the day. Charlie called me late Saturday wanted to keep the truck over the weekend to be sure. OK.... Had to call myself Monday afternoon to check on my truck and was told everything was fixed. Got there....Started the truck....Not fixed!!! turned on the air conditioning.....Not fixed!!! Dose anybody there check their work before they call the customer??? When I showed Charlie what wasn't fixed he looked dumb founded!!! And tried to tell me " Well it could be something else" Really!!!! $1500.00 and now you want to tell me something else.... You tell me my truck is fixed and now "something else" What an insult to me!!!
Recommended? Yes, by , June 23, 2014
Thank you so very much for your top notch customer service extended to me today. The time you took to explain everything in detail to me and patiently go over my work needed is truly appreciated. I have been spreading the word of how well I was treated and hopefully the referrals I'm sending will use your auto clinic for any repairs they may need. I am tickled pink of the top notch first class treatment I received for something as small as an advertisement misunderstanding. It speaks volumes of your excellent customer service!
Recommended? Yes, by , June 20, 2014
Outstanding service, great result
Recommended? Yes, by , June 19, 2014
Great service!!!
Recommended? Yes, by , June 9, 2014
I would rate overall service as good.
Recommended? Yes, by , June 9, 2014
I would rate overall service as good.
Recommended? Yes, by , June 8, 2014
Maury and Charlie are doing a fantastic job. Welcome Carlos.
Recommended? Yes, by , June 1, 2014
Great Staff. Good Service. Offered alternative when tire I wanted wasn't available that
Recommended? Yes, by , May 23, 2014
my wifes van needed tires and the salesperson provided us with quality tires at a great price thanks
Recommended? Yes, by , May 20, 2014
Yes, I was very satisfied with the service I received. As usual Charles was very accommodating .
Recommended? Yes, by , May 20, 2014
I have been coming there for years and am please with the service that I get.
Recommended? No, by , May 19, 2014
I went to Wiyul Auto Clinic in Clinton, Maryland because I had a tire blow-out on the road. As a long time customer, I did not know that Wiyul took over from Goodyear Auto. I purchased four new tires some time ago and bought a road hazard in the event that something happens to my tires. I called Wiygul to see if I could get my tire serviced. Wiygul did not honor the road hazard, and I had to end up buying for the tire that I did not have to since I had purchase the road hazard policy. Of course he came me a discount, which only amounted to $20 off. I think this is unfair as a consumer and to other customers because, I was a customer since 2001 when I purchased my car. I will not return to Wiygul and will be taking my business elsewhere.
Recommended? No, by , May 17, 2014
Very disappointed in these people. The promotion said "tire rotation included". When I got there they were trying to sell me new tires and other stuffs.I asked them to just rotate the tires for now. I got home and notice the tires were not rotated and I called them the next morning and they said because the tires were bad that s why they couldn't rotate them but they let me go without telling me that on site.
I doubt they even do the oil change in the engine.
I will not recommend they a bit.
Recommended? Yes, by , May 16, 2014
We enjoyed excellent service from Wiygul Automotive in Clinton. The on-line appointing worked great; the service person had all the information upon check in. All work was done as scheduled, including resolution of a "mystery noise" for which they called to tell us the cause and cost of repair ahead of starting. Five Stars!
Recommended? Yes, by , May 10, 2014
The service was excellent!
Recommended? Yes, by , May 10, 2014
Very Good customer service at the front door. Employee was on the phone when I came in, but he looked up and said some one would be right with me and there were. The oil change did not take long at oil. I have used this Good Year off and on for years!!!!
Recommended? Yes, by , May 9, 2014
Yester day was excellent.
Recommended? Yes, by , May 8, 2014
Excellent servicer I'll continue to go back.A after a bad experience with the Suit land store I wasn't sure but so far so good. But as I said before my experience at the Clinton store has been a good one.
Recommended? No, by , May 8, 2014
My boyfriend brought in my 2010 Nissan Maxima after we hit a pothole the night before. We were in need of a new tire and an alignment...or so I thought. What we were not told is that the wheel was bent as well. The bent wheel was switched from the front passenger to the rear passenger side, and an alignment was done. Needless to say when I received the car back it was vibrating and pulling to the left. I was extremely angry. Why do an alignment on a vehicle with a bent wheel?!? It's not going to drive straight! I feel this establishment took money for a service they knew was not going to do any good. Why not offer to straighten the wheel or replace it?!? AND THEN do an alignment. Initially I was going to bring my car back in to be fixed (AGAIN), but I no longer trust that I will receive quality work. I have take my car to the Nissan dealership to have it looked at. I plan on coming back to get a refund for the alignment that should have never been done to begin with.
Recommended? Yes, by , May 6, 2014
Quick & efficient
Recommended? Yes, by , May 5, 2014
Outstanding Customer Service!
Recommended? Yes, by , May 3, 2014
Timely and professional service. Will bring my vehicles back to Wiygul for future service.
Recommended? Yes, by , April 14, 2014
Service is top notch. Employees demonstrate a keen knowledge of the automobile.
Recommended? Yes, by , April 8, 2014
Service was great. Staff was friendly.
Recommended? Yes, by , April 5, 2014
The service was professional and outstanding.
Recommended? Yes, by , April 5, 2014
My experience at Wiygul Automotive Clinic left me with the feeling that the staff at that vehicle repair facility are professionals.
Recommended? Yes, by , March 25, 2014
Excellent! The service was good and the management was excellent! I took my truck in and they serviced and even rotated my tires. They made recommendations but did not try to force it upon me. Charlie Winn the Manager was exceptionally thorough and helpful. The shop was clean and the waiting area was comfortable. I have three cars and I will take all my cars to them going forward.
Recommended? Yes, by , March 24, 2014
I have always had the pleasure of your serice's as long as i have been coming here
Recommended? Yes, by , March 17, 2014
Great service! Positive attitude.