What is Wiygul 4 Life?

Think of it as a FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY for your vehicle, simply for taking care of it.

How does it work?

Imagine you go to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning, as recommended. Then you get a cavity, but your dentist covers the cost of the filling, simply because you were diligent and came in for cleanings when you were supposed to. Wiygul 4 Life works the same way, but for your vehicle! If you follow our recommended maintenance schedule, (see chart) we will cover up to $4,000* per incident failure. Again – this coverage is FREE! This is NOT an insurance plan or warranty that you have to buy!


Let’s say you have 34,000 miles on your car and we perform a coolant flush (which is a service required to maintain the engine cooling system). Most of the parts related to this system (heater core, water pump, freeze plugs, and radiator) are now covered under the Wiygul 4 Life plan, assuming you continue to have a coolant flush done at one of the Wiygul locations at our recommended interval (30,000 miles in this case). Then, on your way to the dentist, your radiator fails, but your vehicle has been maintained under the Wiygul 4 Life criteria: BAM! We cover up to $4,000 for parts and labor to fix it. No deductibles, no premiums. On the house. Because we love you.

This awesome coverage is available on multiple systems in your vehicle, and they all require different a maintenance schedule (see chart). You can enjoy Wiygul 4 Life on just one system, or every single one – it’s totally up to you.

As an added bonus, this coverage will transfer to a new owner if you sell your vehicle, which adds to the overall value and appeal of your vehicle.

Engine Basic Oil Change W/oil Additive And Fuel Additive Every 5,000 miles crankshaft, cam shaft(s), oil pump, valves, lifters & rocker arms, excluding timing chains or timing belts
Engine Premium Oil Change W/ Engine Flush, Oil Additive, And Fuel Additive Every 15,000 miles pistons, rings, timing gears or sprockets, valve lifters, cylinders or bores, push rods, turbo bearings, wrist pins & bushings, distributor drive gear, carm shaft(s) & bearings, rods & rod bearings, oil pump, rocker arms & pivots, crankshaft & bearings, Intake valves & guides.
MAF Sensor Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaning Every 15,000 miles mass air flow sensor
Fuel System Fuel Induction Service Every 15,000 miles intake valves & fuel injectors (subject to deposits), O2 sensors, throttle body & pcv
Engine Cooling System Coolant Flush Every 30,000 miles heater core, water pump, freeze plugs & radiator
Brake System Brake Flush Every 30,000 miles any brake part in direct contact with brake fluid
Power Steering Power Steering Flush Every 30,000 miles power steering gear box or steering gear, power steering pump

Automatic (Except CVT)

Transmission Flush Every 30,000 miles any internally lubricated part. Excludes housing, axles, pre-packed wheel bearings, all seals & gaskets

Manual (Gear oil only)

Transmission Flush Every 30,000 miles any internally lubricated part. Excludes case & all clutch components, manual transmissions lubricated with motor oil, sychromesh fluid & manual transmision fluid are excluded

Differential Front & Rear (75W90 & 75W140)

Differential, Front or Rear Every 30,000 miles any lubricated part contained within the differential case or housing. Case is only covered if damaged by an internally lubricated part covered under the plan

*$4,000 coverage for car owners with less than 36,000 miles at first service. $2,000 coverage for car owners with odometer between 36,001 - 50,000 at first service. $1,000 coverage for car owners with odometer between 50,001 - 75,000 at first service

Excludes All Seals & Gaskets. Coverage amount is on a per incident basis. Vehicles with over 75,000 miles at initial service are not eligible for Wiygul 4 Life program. Seals and gaskets in all components are excluded. Consumer pays any costs over eligible covered amount. Engine premium plan doesn't include Timing belts and/or chains


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