The Wiygul Way

As a family owned business since 1976, we’ve been an innovator in creating solutions to meet our customers’ needs. The key to our ability to do this rests squarely our people. How our people operate is the definition of our unique culture. The Wiygul way Fundamentals that follow describe the principles and practices that define our culture. These Wiygul Fundamentals, in fact, are what makes us and what drive our success. We call it, The Wiygul Way.

1. Never Lie, Cheat, or Steal, Ever

2. Think Team First

3. Honor Commitments

4. Lead By Example

5. Do It Right The First Time

6. Do It Right The First Time

7. Create A Great Impressiont

8. Listen Generously

9. Speak Straight

10. “Bring It” Every Day

11. Walk In Your Customers’ Shoes

12. Get Clear On Expectations

13. Assume Positive Intent

14. Be Positive

15. Be A Fanatic About Response Time

16. Work On Yourself

17. Treat Everyone With Dignity and Respect

18. Take Pride In Our Appearance

19. Take Ownership

20. Invest In Relationships

21. Deliver Legendary Service

22. Make Quality Personal

23. Pay Attention To The Details

24. Practice Blameless Problem-Solving

25. Show Meaningful Appreciation

26. Deliver Results

27. Be Relentless About Improvement

28. Be Easy to Work With


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