Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lifetime Oil Change Program (aka The Nitty Gritty)

Welcome! Thank you for considering Wiygul Automotive Clinic's Lifetime Oil Change program. Hopefully, the information below below will give you answers to any/all of your questions about this new program. If you have a question that remains unanswered, please don't hesitate to call one of our Maryland locations.

1. What does the Lifetime Oil Change package include?
Free oil and filter changes using only top-tier, original equipment and quality parts on your vehicle at our recommended service intervals. At Wiygul Automotive Clinic, we recommend that you change your Synthetic Blend oil every 5,000 miles (or 5 months) and your Full Synthetic and diesel oil every 7,500 miles (or 5 months).

2. Are there any additional fees I have to pay once I purchase this package?
The only charge you will need to pay is a $5.00 Recycling fees with each oil change to cover the cost of oil and oil filter recycling and disposal.

3. Can I buy one package and use it for any of my family vehicles?
Unfortunately, each Lifetime Oil Change package is valid for one vehicle only. However, given the significant savings that you will enjoy on oil changes over the life of each vehicle, it is well worth buying a package for each of your family vehicles.

4. Are any types of vehicles excluded from this offer?
Yes, this package is not available for exotic vehicles.

5. What happens if I sell my current vehicle and buy a new one?
No worries! If you buy a vehicle that uses similar type of oil as your purchased package, the Lifetime Oil Change package will be transferred to your next vehicle at no cost. If the vehicle uses a higher tier oil change, then you just pay the difference!

6. How long is the Lifetime Oil Change Package valid?
For as long as you own your vehicle! So, if you buy the package today and you keep your vehicle for the next 15 years, the package remains valid for the next 15 years.

7. What if I move out of the area, do I get pro-rated money back?
Although, we don’t offer cash back for this program, we do provide our customers with a store credit that can be used by you or transferred to a family or friend. The package price is pro-rated over 36-months. So, if you leave the area before the 36-month period, we’ll give you a pro-rated store credit based on the number of months remaining on your agreement!

Here’s an example of how it works: If you purchase our Premium Lifetime Oil Change package for $399.95 and you find out that you are moving 18 months later, then we will give you store credit for $199.97 that can be used for any service at any of our stores.

8. Is this program available at all Wiygul Automotive Clinic locations?
Not yet. Currently, this program is only available at our 3 Maryland stores located in Fort Washington, Clinton, and Waldorf.


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