Engine Repair

Today’s vehicles are smarter and more sophisticated thanks to the advancements in electronics and computer systems.. This also means that such vehicles are more difficult to diagnose, and require specific training and diagnostic tools.. If your check engine light comes on, drive into Wiygul Automotive Clinic for a diagnosis.

Engine repair diagnosis pricing

  • Computer Diagnostic Fee $125

Wiygul Automotive Clinic provides repair and replacement of the following engine related parts:

Head Gaskets Valve Cover Gaskets Timing Chains Valve Replacements Seals & Gaskets
Heater Cores Radiators Water Pumps Coolant Flush Cooling System
Thermostats Coolant Temp Sensors Radiator Fans & Clutches Engine Replacement Spark Plugs


  • 2 Year/24-Month Warranty on All Services

Advantage of Doing Business With Wiygul

Buy a VIP card & get $25 off any service over $150

Concierge Service – Vehicle pick up and drop of service

Free Shuttle

Free Wi-fi


Check Engine Light Reading
Virginia State Inspection ServiceFree basic check engine light reading, additional time could accrue a cost. Coupon Code: WE00EL Expires 10/31/2018

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