maintenance December 02, 2016

6 tips to save money on gas this winter

Game of Thrones has warned us, winter is coming. The cold weather affects your vehicle in a variety of ways, including your gas mileage. Follow these 6 simple tips to get more miles to the gallon:

1) Park your car in a warm place. If you have a garage, use it. If there’s an area on your street or parking lot that gets direct sun, park there.

2) Plan your errands and events efficiently so that you drive less with a cold engine.

3) Minimize idling your car to warm it up. The engine will warm up faster while driving, which will pump the heat, decrease your fuel costs, and reduce emissions.

4) Don't use seat warmers or defrosters more than necessary.

5) Check your tire pressure regularly. Air pressure that is too low or high can reduce gas mileage.

6) Discuss cold weather oil options with your Wiygul Automotive Clinic technician.


We hope these tips assist you in saving money on gas throughout the holiday season. For more auto savings, you can visit:

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