maintenance December 16, 2016

6 gifts all car owners could use this holiday season

Whether you are shopping for a rookie driver, car enthusiast or road trip warrior, these holiday car gift ideas will appeal to anyone!

1) Portable battery jump starter

Eliminate the worry of a dead battery for your loved one this holiday season with a portable battery jump starter. Most battery jump starters can get a car, truck, boat or even a RV back on the road in a jiffy. These systems can even inflate your tires and provide light.

2) Car MD

This device can be your loved ones car doctor! This easy to use gadget can read why a vehicle’s Check Engine light is on by reading the trouble code. The gadget will then go to a website that explains the problem in an easy to understand way.

3) Digital tire pressure gauge

Maintaining the right tire pressure lengthens tire life, saves gas and enhances safety. Help your loved one get the most miles out of their tires with an easy to use and accurate digital tire pressure gauge.

4) Weather Tech mats

Weather Tech floor mats will protect your loved ones upholstery from every day wear and tear. These mats are made custom for each vehicle type and help prevent stains, smells and snags.

5) Car Care Kit

Help your loved one keep their car looking its best with a car care kit. Most sets include supplies for exterior and interior care. Kits can include everything from foam spray for tires, car wash, wax, window cleaner and interior detailer.

6) Wiygul VIP card

If your loved one lives in the NoVa area, treat them to a VIP experience by purchasing a Wiygul VIP card for them. For only $59.99 they will be able to take advantage of these services for free:

·      3 oil changes

·      3 tire rotations

·      Virginia State Inspection

·      Battery test

·      Belt & Hose inspection

·      Brake inspection

·      Road trip vehicle evaluation

·      Suspension check

They will also be entitled to a variety of discounted services. Learn more about the VIP card by visiting:

Whether you have been naughty or nice this year, Wiygul Automotive Clinic hopes your holiday season is filled with safe travels and happy moments.

Product disclaimer: We do not endorse or recommend any particular products mentioned, whether specifically or generally, and personal research should be made in relation to all buying decisions.  We provide information and ideas only which we hope are helpful.

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