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What does my car color say about me?

When someone is on the market to buy a vehicle, they usually consider the brand, model and safety ratings. However, a driver may love a Honda Accord but never consider buying it in the color white. That’s because drivers have a preference for car colors. What you may or may not realize is that your vehicle color preference usually reflects your personality! Have you always driven a black car? When you were younger, did you love cruising around in a red car but now prefer a white one?

Take a look at this list to see if your vehicle color matches your personality and lifestyle:

Driving around in a black car?

Just like a stylish black suit or fashionable black cocktail dress, black cars represent luxury and sophistication. Drivers of black vehicles are usually distinguished but not flashy.

Driving around in a white car?

White reflects purity and elegance. White car owners usually like a fresh, clean, modern look in their car and even other areas of their lives.

Driving around in a silver car?

Silver colored car owners live a busy lifestyle. They are usually a good business sense; they appreciate the finer things in life, with a little glamour.

Driving around in a red car?

Red colored car owners are usually outgoing and full of energy. They are usually driven, determined and usually like to stay busy.

Driving around in a gray car?

Gray colored car drivers ordinarily prefer a life without a lot of drama or stress. They are practical, cautious and don’t feel the need to be flashy.


Driving around in a brown car?

Drivers who choose brown colored cars usually put more thought into how the car performs than how it looks. They are usually responsible drivers as well!

One thing all car owners have in common is the desire to get the most miles and use from their vehicle as possible. The best way to achieve this is with routine maintenance. Keep your car running its best with auto service and repair provided by Wiygul Automotive Clinic!

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