maintenance June 12, 2017

6 car gadgets to give your dad this Father’s Day

Golf balls, ties, grilling accessories - yep, those are the predictable Father’s Day gifts. This year, Wiygul Automotive is here to help you get a little creative with 6 automotive themed gift ideas:

1) Waze, Google & Apple Maps are all great apps to use for navigation. The problem is, a driver constantly has to look down at their phone for directions. A simple solution for this is a smartphone mount!


2) We work in the automotive industry so trust us, we know, car batteries seem to die at the most inconvenient times. There’s no guarantee that someone will be around to give you a jump when you need it, which is why it's wise to always keep a jump starter kit in your vehicle. A jump starter kit is basically a battery source that allows you to start your car when it dies by simply hooking the clamps on the kit to the car's battery. But it can also be used as a backup power source (great to use on that family camping trip!)


3) Bluetooth is such a helpful feature to have in the car; you can play your favorite songs from your playlist and talk on your cell phone, hands-free! Newer model vehicles offer this feature, but with the help of a Bluetooth car kit, you don't have to buy a new car to be able to connect your smartphone to your vehicle via Bluetooth!


4) Do you have a dad in your life that’s known for having a heavy foot? Purchase them a radar detector, it will alert them of possible speed traps and save them money on speeding tickets! (Remind your dad that it is illegal to use a radar detector in these states: California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.)


5) Wiygul Automotive Clinic always stresses the importance of tire checks and maintenance. An easy way to assist with that is a tire pressure monitoring system. There are tire monitoring systems that measure both the temperature and the pressure of the tires. The system comes with four sensors that attach to each tire and a monitoring display that plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter. The display shows the pressure of each tire so that a driver can easily detect when something is wrong.


6) Help your dad transform his car into a traveling WiFi spot! Now available are mobile hotspots. Whether your dad is a workaholic or just loves playing on his phone, a mobile hotspot will help him always stay connected.


In case you didn’t know, it was our grandfather, James Earl Wiygul, who got our family involved in the auto industry. He instilled values and principles that we still incorporate into our business ethics today. Family has always been very important to us here at Wiygul Automotive Clinic. We wish all the inspiring, encouraging and hardworking dads a very Happy Father’s Day!


Please note: Wiygul Automotive does not endorse or recommend any specific product, brand or service mentioned. Be sure to do your own research before making a decision for purchase.

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