maintenance July 05, 2017

9 ways to be sure your vehicle is road trip ready

Taking a road trip to soak in the sun, fun and relaxation? The difference between pleasure and misery can often lie in whether or not you took the proper steps to get your car ready for the trip. Before you leave home, there are several simple steps you can take to protect your vehicle, your trip and your loves ones. Read them now:

  1. Cooling System - Temps are heating up quick! Nothing would be more unbearable on a road trip than a weak air conditioner. If you have any doubt that your cooling system isn’t performing at its best, have a technician at Wiygul Automotive Clinic inspect it to find out why.
  2. Tires’ condition - Tires need two things to work properly: good tread depth and proper air inflation. Check your tires tread and look for signs of strain, bulges or other damage. Learn how to measure your tires tread by clicking here. Check your owner’s manual to learn your tires proper tire pressure and be sure not to over or under inflate them!
  3. Wipers and wiper fluid - If it rains, you don’t want to discover that your wipers are useless. In addition, be sure your windshield wiper fluid is topped off to keep your windshield clean.
  4. Oil change - If you are due for an oil change soon, it’s best to have it done before you leave for your trip. We can also check your vehicle’s fluid levels to be sure your car is road trip ready!
  5. Air Filter - The spring and summer months can be tough on your air filter. As outside air flows through it, it becomes filled with pollen, dust and debris. A clogged air filter won't allow enough air to enter the engine, and this can affect the performance of your vehicle.
  6. Car Battery - If your car battery is 4-5 years old, get it checked out. It’s cheaper to pay for a new battery than for both a tow truck and a new battery
  7. Belts, hoses and timing belt - Make sure belts, hoses and the timing belt are in good shape; an overheated engine or loss of power steering is a quick way to bring your trip to a screeching halt. 
  8. Brakes - If you are concerned about your brakes, we are happy to do a FREE visual brake inspection. Read this article to learn when you need new brakes.
  9. Lights - Check your brake lights, turn signals, reverse lights and headlights to be sure no lights are out. Do your headlights look ‘cloudy’? Consider Headlight Restoration before hitting the road, they will improve visibility significantly.  
If you are planning a summer road trip or vacation and you want your car inspected by a certified technician, we welcome you to schedule an appointment. Wiygul Automotive Clinic will help get your car road trip ready!

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