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How to prepare your car for a Virginia State Inspection

All vehicles registered in the state of Virginia are required to have an annual Virginia State Inspection. The Virginia Official Motor Vehicle Inspection Program was created to promote highway safety.

All five of our Northern Virginia based Wiygul Automotive Clinic locations are official state inspection stations. Here is what to expect at a Virginia State Inspection:

  1. Last year’s inspection sticker will be removed

  2. You will drive your vehicle into an inspection lane

  3. Brake inspection

  4. Parking brake inspection

  5. Headlight inspection

  6. Light inspection

  7. Signal inspection

  8. Steering & Suspension inspection

  9. Tires, wheels & rims inspection

  10. Mirror inspection

  11. Horn inspection

  12. Windshield & other glass inspection

  13. Unauthorized stickers must be removed (Sun shading material on the windshield displaying words, lettering, numbers or pictures cannot extend more than three inches downward from the top of the windshield, unless authorized by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and indicated on the vehicle registration)

  14. Windshield wiper and defroster inspection

  15. Exhaust system inspection

  16. Confirm the rear license plate light illuminates

  17. Inspect hood and under the hood:

  • Confirm hood latch is working

  • Presence of emissions system

  • Brake & power steering fluid check

  • Power steering belt has proper tension; no wear or absence of belt

  1. Inspect air pollution control system of 1973 and subsequent models

  2. Driver’s seat inspection

  3. Seat belt inspection

  4. Airbag and airbag readiness light inspection

  5. Front left and right door inspection

  6. Fuel system inspection

  7. Floor pan inspection

  8. Issue a new sticker*

    *If approved, we will place the approval sticker on your vehicle and be given the receipt of certificate from your Wiygul Automotive Clinic technician. If any issues are observed during the inspection they must be corrected within 15 days of your inspection.

If you are concerned about any part of your vehicle, we recommend having it looked at BEFORE your Vehicle State Inspection is due to save you time and frustration. We welcome you to make an appointment by visiting:

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