diagnostics December 11, 2017

What Does Your Car's Computer and Electrical System Do?

Your car's computer and electrical system operates everything from air conditioning, radios, anti-lock braking systems, air bags, alarm systems, traction control, and cruise control, as well as electronic panels, automatic transmissions, and engine and emission controls. More specifically, the computer and electrical system does such duties as fire the spark plugs, provide the power required to start the engine, and store excessive energy by charging the battery, among other functions.

The automobile electrical system has evolved over the years, as it first was comprised of basic wiring technologies, including switches, relays, and controlled motors. Today, electrical systems include sensors, alternators, battery controls, sensors, and high powered computer systems. Because of the sophistication of today's automobile electrical systems, computer elements can cost from $250 to as much as $1,500, depending on what they control.

To avoid unnecessary repair costs, bring your car to the technicians at Wiygul Automotive Clinic. Wiygul Automotive Clinic's experienced ASE-certified technicians are trained in the latest computerized diagnostic equipment and information systems. Our complete computerized analysis can correctly diagnose your vehicle's problems from the start, saving you time and money. A AAA-approved center for auto repair and maintenance, Wiygul Automotive Clinic specializes in complete foreign and domestic repair service and has been providing outstanding service to the Burke, Virginia and surrounding area since 1996.

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