exhaust February 10, 2018

Need a New Muffler? Here’s How You Can Tell

All motorists in the Burke, VA area know what a loud car, truck or SUV sounds like, but is that the only sign your muffler may need to be repaired? Believe it or not, the muffler in your car is very important to the overall composition of the vehicle. Not only does it quiet the engine noise, but it also prevents noxious emissions from entering the cabin of the vehicle, keeping you and your passengers safer.

One of the biggest signs of a failing muffler is the noise that comes from the car while running. The engine noise is likely to be louder, and will gradually grow louder so you may not even notice it at first. But, the louder it gets the more dangerous it becomes, and in some situations it may even be cause for a public nuisance violation that can earn you a ticket or fine from law enforcement. Avoid that scenario and stop in to Wiygul Automotive Clinic for a complete exhaust system inspection.

In addition to a louder vehicle as an indication of a failing muffler, also pay attention to the amount of exhaust fumes you may smell. Common symptoms of exhaust exposure include those associated with a common cold or allergies — coughing, runny nose, itchy or watery eyes — and while that may be the case, you may also suffer from too much exhaust exposure.

One other symptom of a failing muffler is a significant decrease in gas mileage. Some experts estimate a car with a bad muffler will go through fuel as much as two times faster as compared to its normal operation. While not all situations will lead to an impact as dramatic as that, it will likely be noticeable.

At the first sign of a failing muffler, stop in at Wiygul Automotive Clinic for an exhaust system inspection. If you are the victim of a bad muffler, we can help quickly and get you back on your way. Protect yourself, your family and your investment with this simple routine vehicle maintenance.

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