auto maintenance February 10, 2018

Storing A Vehicle This Winter? Follow These Tips To Protect It!

Every year, motorists in the Burke, VA area store vehicles for the winter months. When a car is not in use, it only makes sense to store it — whether it’s a prized classic car or even just an “extra” vehicle you do not want exposed to the elements of winter. But no matter the reason you choose to store the vehicle, you should always take time and care when preparing it for storage. It’s about more than simply parking it in the garage and not thinking about it again until the beautiful Northern Virginia springtime weather.

These tips will make storing your vehicle practical, and keep the care in better shape for the next time it is used.

  • Always fill the gas tank before putting the car, truck or SUV in storage. Filling the tank prevents condensation from accumulating in it during storage. Before you park it, add a fuel stabilizer and drive it around the block a few times to make sure the additive is evenly distribute to all engine parts.
  • Protect the vehicle’s finish by washing and waxing it before storing it. Removing any chemicals, dirt, grime and perhaps even salt (depending when it was driven last) will prohibit the substance for ruining the car’s paint job.
  • Do not store the vehicle with the parking brake engaged. This will help reduce the likelihood of brake corrosion during the storage period. The last thing you want to do is end-up needing a brake job when spring hits.
  • Placing the vehicle on jack stands will take the weight off the wheels and tires, preserving their longevity as well. Flat spots can easily occur when a vehicle sits in one spot for extended periods of time.
  • Protect the battery life by disconnecting and removing it while in storage. Place the batter on a trickle-type charger and it will be ready for use after storage. If you’d rather not go that route, you can also periodically drain the battery and recharge it with a low-voltage charger.
  • Prevent moist air from getting into the engine by plugging the tailpipe. Simply “stuff” a piece of cloth, about the size of a dishtowel, into the tailpipe and seal it off from the moisture. Just remember to remove it upon prepping the vehicle for use again.

For all of your auto maintenance needs, stop in to Wiygul Automotive Clinic today. Our highly trained professional mechanics will have you on the road again quickly!

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