auto maintenance February 11, 2018

What Makes Synthetic Oil Different Than Conventional Motor Oil?

Oil manufacturers claim synthetic oil is better for your car’s engine, but does it really matter what goes through your engine as you travel the streets of Burke, VA? Since we all known television advertisements are often overly dramatic, let’s look at the truth behind the advertising and you can determine for yourself if synthetic oil is a better choice for your vehicle than conventional motor oil.

Base stock – the manufactured oil – and performance additives make up synthetic motor oil. The foundation of synthetic oil is manufactured, making the ingredients controlled by the company or manufacturer rather than nature. This simple difference is important because it leads to a purer oil that can be completely controlled. Unlike conventional motor oil, manufactured synthetic oil stands-up to weather changes, providing unmatched protection for your car’s engine, even as the thermometer plummets in the cold Fairfax Station, VA winter. It should be noted, the basic purpose of oil – synthetic or conventional – is to provide lubrication for all of the moving parts of the engine. When oil breaks down, it can lead to a loss of lubrication, which in turn leads to friction and ultimately engine damage.

Synthetic oil is enhanced with performance additives that aid in increasing your car engine’s longevity. Through normal use and driving, engine sludge and mineral deposits may collect in the oil – whether synthetic oil or conventional motor oil is used – which ultimately decreases performance and may damage your car’s engine. The additives in synthetic oil help prevent the deposits and engine sludge from corrupting the engine’s performance and causing significant damage.

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