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Winter Tires vs Mud & Snow (All Season) Tires

Common names for tires can get confusing. Here’s a short primer to help you choose the best tires for your needs, whatever the weather and local conditions. 

Winter tires are marked on the side with an icon that looks like mountain peak with a snowflake inside it. According to Consumer Reports, this type of tire provides superior traction in snow and on ice. 

The tread blocks are made for better traction, compared with mud and snow tires, because they have wider sections between the blocks. This means you can drive with more confidence in slush, snow, and ice. This tire is manufactured with a higher percentage of natural rubber. This makes them stay flexible and soft even when the weather is below zero. 

These are the better choice when you face hazardous snow and ice conditions through much of the winter. Winter tires will give you an extra edge with better performance, compared to all season tires.

Mud and snow tires also called all season tires, have the letter M + S on the side. They are perfect for temperate winter conditions, with only occasional snow and ice. They work fairly well in mud, providing enough traction to get through it.

Actually considered a three-season tire, the mud and snow tire is made with wider gaps between the sections of tread than winter tires. That’s what gives them traction in mud and snow. 

Mud and snow tires don’t work as well as winter tires when confronted with very cold temperatures and lots of snow. They tend to get stiff in the cold. That means you can’t depend on braking or cornering as well with them as you can with winter tires when driving on ice or in very cold conditions.

Most drivers find the categories of tires very confusing. If that describes you, don’t hesitate to check with a trained tire technician at Wiygul Automotive Clinic. He will listen to what type of driving conditions you face and explain, in jargon-free words, what your best choices are. 

The team at Wiygul will give you objective advice so you find the tires you need to stay safe and to fit your budget. They aren’t there to sell, sell, sell. Wiygul is proud of its reputation for really caring about each customer. 

The goal of the technicians at Wiygul, a locally owned and operated full-service auto shop, is to get you as a repeat customer. They want you to be so happy with the service, you tell your friends. It’s why Wiygul earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award and the Consumers’ Checkbook Award. 

Check out our full line of tires and tire service at our newest location in Burke, VA. Or come into any of the Wiygul locations for clear, objective advice about the differences between winter tires vs mud and snow (all season) tires. 

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