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10 Tips to Pass the Emissions Test in Springfield, VA

Helping Springfield, VA Motorists Pass the Emissions Test

Passing a vehicle emissions test in Springfield, VA is important to efficient driving, while ensuring you aren’t contributing to the ever-increasing pollution in our Earth’s atmosphere.

Here are 10 tips to ensure you pass the emissions test:

  1. A Visible “Check Engine” Light Will Not Pass an Emissions Test
    If the check engine light recently appeared on your dashboard, then it may be something short-term, although if it doesn’t go away, you will want to make sure you get it inspected to determine whether or not you have a more serious issue.
  2. Get an Oil Change if it Has Been a Few Months
    Gasoline can contaminate your oil which can result in increased carbon monoxide emissions.
  3. Change the Air Filter
    A dirty air filter can cause debris buildup in your car’s system, reducing the efficiency and increasing emission levels.
  4. Install New Spark Plugs
    Properly gapped spark plugs ensure proper fuel combustion which improves efficiency as well as emissions.
  5. Check Your Gas Cap
    The next time you fill up at the gas station; inspect your car’s gas cap for any cracks in the rubber seal, making sure it screws on tightly.
  6. Use Premium Fuel
    Higher octane fuel will burn better, resulting in less unburned gas leftover.
  7. Add Dry Gas or Another Gas Additive
    A gas additive can help to clean the catalytic converter and exhaust system.
  8. Check Tires For Full Air Pressure
    An emissions test can include a dynamometer which is a hoist that is used to check your car for emissions while driving in Springfield, VA. Your vehicle is placed onto a spinning cylinder at various speeds, and having fully-filled tires will help to maintain an even performance.
  9. Arrive at the Emissions Test with a Half a Tank or Less
    Filling your gas tank only halfway will ensure that excess fuel doesn’t get into any places it shouldn’t.
  10. Drive Your Car for 30 Minutes and Keep it Idling When Waiting for the Test
    You will want a warmed-up engine in order for optimal fuel burning efficiency.

If you follow these 10 guidelines before showing up to the emissions test in Springfield, VA, you can breathe easy knowing your car meets the basic requirements for fuel efficiency, and that you are contributing to cleaner air.

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