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Get Your Emission Inspection in Fairfax Station, VA

How are VA Emissions Inspections Tests Completed?

In many cases, emissions are tested while the vehicle is driven on a dynamometer at only 15 mph and 25 mph. Most 1996 and newer vehicles will receive a test of the vehicle's on-board diagnostic computer system instead of the regular tailpipe emissions test. Most vehicles will also receive a gas cap pressure test to detect excessive fuel vapor leakage. For all gasoline powered vehicles, a visual smoke inspection, and an inspection of certain emissions control equipment that was originally installed by the manufacturer will be conducted.

More about Emissions Inspections and your Local Inspection Station

Also, 1997 model year and newer diesel powered vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating up to and including 8,500 pounds will be prompted for an emissions inspection in Fairfax Station, VA and the rest of Northern Virginia. If your car is producing noxious emissions, the police may conduct a traffic stop, and do a preliminary emissions test. You may be required you to take your vehicle to an emission inspection station in Fairfax Station, VA or elsewhere for a confirmation test.

vehicle emissions inspection waiver requires that repairs be performed at a Virginia Certified Emissions Repair Facility in Fairfax Station, VA or elsewhere in Northern Virginia; and either performed, or supervised and approved, by a Virginia certified emissions repair technician. Emissions test results are immediately transmitted to DEQ and DMV from the analyzers at the emission inspection facilities. For more information on emission inspections in Fairfax Station, VA, please contact Wiygul Automotive Clinic.

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