emissions October 08, 2018

Wiygul Automotive How to Prepare Your Car for an Emissions Test

No matter where you take your vehicle in for its emissions test, there are some things you can do to prepare your car or truck to ensure it passes.

Make certain you have the right gas cap. An off-the-shelf cap bought at a big box store can keep moisture from getting into the gas tank, but it does not properly seal the tank for accurate emissions testing.

Properly maintain your vehicle. How can you do that? Bring out the owner’s manual from the glove compartment. The manufacturer's recommendations are there in black and white. Regular oil and coolant changes keep your engine in good ‘health’ and following the other recommendations prevent minor issues from growing worse.

Make sure your vehicle's emissions control equipment is there and connected, and that the tailpipe is easily accessible. While a quick look underneath the car tells you if the muffler is connected, it does not tell you much else. That is important since an intact, functioning exhaust system keeps the exhaust fumes out of the passenger compartment of your vehicle.

At Wiygul Automotive, our technicians can perform a complete exhaust system inspection on all major car and truck brands that not only prepares your vehicle for an emissions test and reduces pollution, but also reduces noise and keeps it in top shape to improve the fuel economy and engine performance for both daily commutes and long-distance vacation drives.

Our inspection includes the following:

Ensuring the mounts are safe

Checking the catalytic converter for proper operation

Checking oxygen sensors

Evaluating gaskets and exhaust manifolds for wear

Examining the muffler for indications of corrosion or wear

Annual inspection of your exhaust system is usually enough to protect your vehicle, but if you hear any loud banging, thumping, or growling from your vehicle, it may be necessary to bring it in more often. After you start the engine, get out and take a look. You can see if there is excessive shaking or vibration in your muffler that indicates loose brackets or other problems. The other item to look for every time you walk around the back of your vehicle is rust. It is an early sign of leaks and possibly holes in the exhaust system.  

Make sure no gasoline, oil, or other fluids are leaking from your vehicle. This one is fairly simple for every driver. When you start your car in the morning, pull forward or backward far enough to see where it sat, and then get out to look. Also, once you stop your car after driving, look underneath to see if there are any leaks. In either case, if you see a puddle and it did not rain last night, or something is dripping off the engine, you need to bring your vehicle to Wiygul.

Wiygul Automotive Clinic is the preferred choice for families throughout VA, MD, and DC to prepare their car for an emissions test and to keep it running for their daily life. If you need us, call 866-702-8050 to find the location nearest you.

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