auto repair November 02, 2018

Auto Repair with Free Vehicle Pick Up and Drop Off

Routine maintenance can keep your car or truck safely on the road for many years after the warranties and guarantees expire. Getting your vehicle into a service bay can be very difficult, especially with the busy schedules so many families and individuals have here in the DC Metro area.

That is why Wiygul Automotive now offers Free Vehicle Pick Up and Drop Off so you can schedule a needed auto repair. After listening to our customers, this is an option we developed to help make their life easier, and still, take care of their vehicle promptly.

The process is as simple as it sounds. Call one of our Clinics directly, or contact us at 866-702-8050 to make an appointment. We can help you schedule any service, from performing a state safety inspection to changing the brake pads. The appointment does not have to be for an existing problem either. We are happy to come and pick up your car or truck for an inspection that prepares it for the coming winter months or just because you begin hearing an unfamiliar sound or feel the steering wheel is beginning to pull to the left or right.

Our maintenance team can pick up your auto from your home or work during regular business hours. That allows the owner to continue working without taking time out of their day to bring in their vehicle and then retrieve it later. That can be so important since depending on distance and traffic, drop off and pick up can take 2 or 3 hours just by itself, even when the owner makes use of the service agent’s courtesy shuttle.

For minor tasks, such as an oil change, the time added to drop off and pick up can cost an owner a half-day or more. This is just not an option for many families in our area, so Wiygul is happy to support our customers in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. With eight locations, there is a Clinic nearby where our concierge service can help customers meet their daily requirements, weekend travel, and be ready for any emergency that might happen without worrying about possible mechanical breakdowns.

Weekends are often not an option either. With 40 plus hour work weeks, Saturdays are often when auto owners catch up on other issues such as home and lawn care. Our free vehicle picks up and drop off service allows owners to work on their property as we repair their auto.  

If this situation applies to you, then action is needed now. If your car or truck is past due for an oil change, brake check, or another maintenance requirement, call Wiygul Automotive today at 866-702-8050 to have us pick up your vehicle for inspection and service. We are here for you.

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