maintenance May 13, 2020

How to Detail Your Car’s Interior

After driving for a while, most car owners usually forget to clean the inside of their cars. They only pay attention to the outside, not remembering that detailing the interior of the vehicle is an important car maintenance exercise.

We offer tips on how you can detail your car's interior if you choose to do it on your own. With these car detailing tips, you will keep the interior of your vehicle looking brand new for a long time, enabling you to enjoy your vehicle when on the road.

Interior Car Detailing Tips

  1. Get rid of the trash in your car

The first step of detailing the interior starts with you throwing out the waste in your vehicle. The cleaning also includes the trunk of your car. The trash, if it is let to stay for long in your can lead to bad odor and probably an accumulation of bacteria in the car. 

  1. Use a car vacuum cleaner

This is excellent to get rid of the dirt that you may not be able to reach with conventional cleaning methods. Concentrate on your upholstery in the back seats since they are the most overlooked area of any car. Make sure to push front seats all the way forward.

Always pull out the car mats before starting the vacuuming process. Clean in between seats to make sure you get all dirt and any other debris that may be hidden from view. After finishing the back seats, push the front seats back to clean the front upholstery properly.

  1. Cleaning and treating the console and dashboard surfaces 

This is one of the areas that get the most observed in the car. However, it is also exposed to the sun and can, therefore, get damaged with time. It needs special treatment when it comes to detailing.

Detailing the console and dash is straightforward as you can wipe the surfaces with a damp interior detailing towel. After that, you can treat these surfaces with a vinyl protectant to leave them looking shiny always.

  1. Detailing and treating door panels 

Different car doors are made from different material, meaning that you should always use different cleaner specific for each material. For example, if your door panel is leather, you should use a leather protectant product.

General-purpose cleaners can also be used to clean most door panels in your car.

Find a Wiygul location closest to you on our website. We will adequately detail the interior of your car and also offer other maintenance services at the clinic to keep your vehicle looking new.

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