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Stay at Home with Our Free Vehicle Concierge Service

When you hear the term “concierge service,” you are most likely to think of a service in a restaurant. However, hotels are not the only businesses that provide concierge services. Every company wants to go an extra mile and satisfy their clients, and in turn, they provide services that go beyond what is standard in the industry. 

At the Wiygul Automotive Clinic, we understand that taking your vehicle into a service shop can be challenging, especially with the busy schedules that most people have. 

That is why we provide free vehicle concierge service to all our customers to ensure that you schedule your needed auto repair and keep your vehicle safe on the road.

Auto Service While You Undertake Your Routine Tasks

We understand that you are busy. We will gladly pick up and deliver your vehicle for any maintenance service you require. Whether you have an important meeting that you cannot miss, a tight schedule of a service provider or another office confined job, or even want to stay at home during the weekend, we know you have other things to do with your time than wait for your vehicle repair. 

You can take care of your other roles; we will take care of your car repair and maintenance.

The process is straightforward. You just need to call us to book an appointment. We can assist you in scheduling any service, from changing the brake pads to conducting a safety inspection. The appointment does not have to be for an apparent problem. We can come and pick your vehicle for inspection to prepare it for the next coming months or just because you start hearing a strange sound.

Our experienced maintenance team will pick your vehicle from home or work during the working hours. 

That enables the owner to continue working without taking time off to bring their vehicle and then come back for it later. That is helpful as depending on the traffic and distance, pick up and drop off alone can take more than 2 hours. 

For small tasks like changing the engine oil, the time required to drop off and pick up your vehicle can cost you half-day or more. That is not an option for most families in the areas we serve, so the Wiygul Automotive clinic is happy to support you in Virginia, Maryland, and DC. 

With eight service shops, there is a clinic near you where our concierge service can assist clients in meeting their daily needs and handling emergencies that can happen without worrying about possible mechanical rundowns.

Our free vehicle concierge service enables auto owners to work on their tasks while we repair their vehicles. If your vehicle needs any repair or maintenance, contact us today to have us pick it up for inspection and service. 

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