Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire.

Features of Hercules TERRA TRAC HTS

  • Closed inner shoulder design with low-angle shoulder grooves
  • Notched and siped solid center rib
  • Four wide circumferential channel grooves
  • Laterally connected wave siping
  • Angled corners on tread blocks
  • Intelligent tread construction features full depth siping and optimized pitch design
  • Innovative tread profile
  • 50,000 mile/80,000 km (SUV sizes)or 45,000 mile/75,000 km (LT and Flotation sizes) Limited Mileage Warranty
  • Industry-leading Road Hazard Protection

Benefits of Hercules TERRA TRAC HTS

  • Reduces noise, maximizes stability, resists irregular wear and delivers excellent handling at highway speeds
  • Offers highly responsive steering and maneuverability in all-season conditions
  • Maximize water evacuation to protect against hydroplaning
  • Minimizes irregular wear, creates a quieter ride and enhances water evacuation to boost traction
  • Slanted to promote even wear and extended tread life
  • To create a more comfortable sound structure for a quieter ride
  • Create an optimum contact patch area promoting even wear and prolonged tread life
  • Delivers high traction and mileage

Currently Available Sizes For This Tire

Please click the correct size for pricing and availability

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