inspections December 09, 2017

Get Your Winter Auto Inspection Near Springfield, VA

Put this on your calendar with an annual repeat, because a winter auto inspection near Springfield, VA, assures you that your car is safe and in top working condition for the winter months ahead. As our vehicles become more sophisticated, stronger, lighter, and more reliable, we are able to keep them on the road for longer periods of time. The good news is that with proper maintenance and recommended periodic service, your car, truck, or SUV can serve your transportation needs for thousands of worry-free miles.

One way to keep your vehicle well-maintained is with a seasonal auto inspection. Springfield, VA, drivers can depend on the ASE-certified mechanics at Wiygul Automotive Clinic to perform a 29-Point Goodyear auto inspection to review vital vehicle mechanical and safety systems before the punishing winter weather arrives in Northern Virginia. A winter vehicle check-up is the best way to drive with confidence all winter long, knowing you have the seal of approval from the knowledgeable, experienced auto service experts at Wiygul Automotive Clinic. During a winter auto inspection near Springfield, VA, the authorized inspectors will check:

  • Your tire treads and wear patterns, and may recommend using snow tires if you face difficult weather or terrain.
  • Your brakes, brake pad wear, rotors, lines, and calipers.
  • Proper tire pressure.
  • The working operation of any four-wheel-drive systems.
  • That your wheels are in alignment.
  • The suspension and exhaust systems.
  • Headlights and all bulbs.
  • The appropriate oil viscosity for winter protection.
  • And inspect belts and hoses, and change all filters.
  • Windshield wipers and top off your wiper fluid with cold-weather rated solution.
  • Clean, and test the battery.
  • The antifreeze mixture is adequate.
  • Proper operation of the heater and defroster.

Automotive industry experts recommend you always carry a stocked emergency kit in your car that includes the following items:

  • blanket
  • water
  • flashlight
  • waterproof boots
  • towel
  • flares
  • fully-charged cell phone
  • cell phone charger
  • basic first aid supplies
  • high energy snack foods

A little preparation can go a long way to staying safe and secure on the roads this winter. Before you head over the river and through the woods, make your first stop at Wiygul Automotive Clinic for a winter auto inspection near Springfield, VA. We’ll help you maintain your car this winter, and get you safely back on the road in no time.

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