Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Driving in your vehicle should never be uncomfortable! If you begin to notice it takes longer to cool off your car, you should have your vehicle’s air conditioning inspected. Other symptoms to look out for include an odor while in your vehicle and poor airflow from the vents.

When you bring your vehicle to Wiygul Automotive Clinic for air conditioning repair, our heating and cooling specialists will do a thorough inspection of the compressor, condenser and evaporator. We will diagnose why your vehicle’s heating and cooling system is performing poorly and whether it needs air conditioning repair.

Wiygul Automotive technicians are experienced and knowledgeable in all automotive Air Conditioning Repair service areas including:

  • A/C Compressor
  • A/C Condenser
  • A/C Evaporator
  • A/C Receiver Dryers
  • Recharging
  • Clog removals
  • Blower Motor Fans & Resistors
  • Freon

Air Conditioning Maintenance Pricing

  • A/C Evacuation and Recharge $189.00


  • 2 Year/24-Month Warranty on All Services
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