brakes December 10, 2017

Regular Brake Service in Lorton, VA Prevents Costly Repairs

When you drive you rely on your brakes in Lorton, VA for your life and safety every time you step on the brake pedal. That’s why quality brake service in Lorton, VA is so important. The ASE-certified automotive professionals at Wiygul Automative Clinic know your brakes are the one single mechanism that can properly bring your vehicle to a stop. We follow strict government and manufacturer regulations and guidelines to ensure your brakes operate without fault - every single time you need them.

Selecting a specially-trained, high-quality ASE-certified automotive professional is one of the most vital decisions you can make to secure your safety on the road. These days, brake repair in Lorton, VA is more challenging and complex than ever before. Having a good auto repair facility you can trust can really help, especially when something unexpected happens to your car.

At Wiygul Automative Clinic we treat every vehicle with great care, knowing that brake repair is not optional, but an urgent necessity. AAA approved and a member of the Goodyear Tire & Service Network, our periodic inspection and testing of friction material, critical brake system components and hydraulics can promote efficient system performance and lead to more cost-effective brake repairs. In fact, scheduling regular brake service in Lorton, VA can prevent more serious on-road incidents while eliminating any potentially dangerous brake or other automotive repair issues.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend brake service in Lorton, VA including a thorough inspection at regular intervals, usually every 12,000 miles. These guidelines ensure your vehicle remains safe for you and everyone using the roadways Brake repairs in Lorton, VA are recommended based on vehicle manufacturer specifications and the conditions of your current brake linings and other key brake components, including:

  • pads (and/or shoes)
  • calipers
  • rotors (and/or drums)
  • wheel cylinders
  • hardware (springs and adjusters)
  • hoses
  • parking brake cables
  • fluid condition
  • wheel bearings and grease seals
  • master cylinder fluid exchange

At Wiygul Automative Clinic our standard brake inspection involves testing all of these key brake parts, and we know there is no safe margin of error. For reliable brake service in Lorton, VA trust your local ASE-certified automotive professionals at Wiygul Automative Clinic. We’ll help keep you safe on the road.

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