brakes December 11, 2017

Safe Travels with Brake Service in Burke, VA

Have you had your brakes inspected lately? After the Great Winter of 2014, and the effects on car tires and brakes from the punishing weather and damaged roadways, having your brakes inspected will tell you with confidence if you do or do not need brake service in Burke, VA.

Commuters from Burke know we live in one of the most severely congested areas for drivers in the country. On a good day in Northern Virginia traffic is stop-and-go. This constant pattern of braking subjects our vehicles, especially tires and brakes, to accelerated stress and wear. But, when our weather becomes extreme, driving conditions can deteriorate quickly, and our brakes are truly tested. As the road surface becomes compromised and conditions worsen, driving a vehicle that needs brake service in Burke, VA can instantly become hazardous.

We all know car problems and potential safety risks are only magnified in bad weather. That’s why it is so important to schedule brake service in Burke, VA.

As many drivers have learned this spring, the usual commute on familiar roadways now includes dodging monster potholes and skirting pools of water when it storms. If you have any reason to believe your brakes are not up to the task of keeping you safe and responding properly it is time for a brake inspection, with any recommendations for brake service.

Burke, VA motorists spend hours every week on snarled highways and tangled intersections, where driving on high alert using all of our faculties is critical to arriving safely at our next destination. Keeping our vehicle well-maintained is a vital part of that scenario. Brake service in Burke, VA is an investment in our personal security and the safety of everyone on the road. The Factory Scheduled Maintenance Specialists at Wiygul Automotive Clinic remind us the Suggested Maintenance Schedule recommends a brake inspection either every 6,000 miles or every other oil change.

Fixing brake problems when they’re small keeps us all safer on the highways and back roads we travel every day. That way we arrive safely at our next destination. That’s what brake inspection and brake service in Burke, VA are really all about.

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