brakes December 11, 2017

Brake Service in Burke, VA Keeps You Safe in a Storm

Recent flooding rains in Northern Virginia show how driving conditions can swiftly deteriorate to make being in a vehicle hazardous to motorists, passengers, and others. Even a drizzle can alter conditions just enough to demand different braking mechanics. If you have any reason to believe your brakes are not up to the task, get a professional opinion regarding the need for brake service. Burke, VA residents know car problems are only magnified in bad weather, and lately our stormy weather has been more volatile and frequent. We don’t want to see you at Wiygul Automotive Clinic or an auto body repair shop for a collision due to wet or extreme weather.

Brake service in Burke, VA is not the only concern while you drive. How are your tires? Traction on slippery roads is challenging, and worn or damaged tires can contribute to hydroplaning on slick roads, making it difficult for you to stop your car in time. The automotive professionals at Wiygul Automotive Clinic have the technical training, tools and resources, including a VA state-approved inspection station and a fully stocked Goodyear Tire Center for your full-service auto service convenience.

Our brake service in Burke, VA is performed at specific intervals, typically every 12,000 miles. This provides optimum vehicle safety inspections and allows our ASE-Certified, AAA approved auto technicians to review every bit of performance data to determine which brake replacement or repair recommendations to make. With your Brake Service Inspection we test, inspect and service your:

  • brake fluid
  • master cylinder exchange
  • pads and/or brake shoes
  • calipers
  • hoses
  • rotors or drums
  • wheel cylinders
  • parking brake cables, and
  • wheel bearings

This assortment of brake parts has one critical task: to stop your car with precision every time you press the brake pedal. Your brakes are your only mechanical means of stopping your car from moving. That’s why you need professional brake service in Burke, VA for all vehicles you own.

At Wiygul Automotive Clinic we are committed to helping you keep your vehicle in the best possible mechanical condition under any circumstances, but if you have an emergency, call and we can help right away. A conveniently scheduled appointment for regular recommended maintenance, including periodic brake service, is always the best method to prevent avoidable roadway accidents. Call the auto specialists at Wiygul Automotive Clinic about our brake service in Burke, VA today.

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