brakes December 12, 2017

Start and Stop Traffic Drives Brake Service for Centreville, VA Motorists

Sometimes I think two of the most dreaded words in the automotive lexicon are “brake service.” But, Centreville, VA, drivers, perpetually stopping-and-starting in the snarling traffic that feeds the Washington, D.C. economic engine, need to know their vehicles have reliable, no-fail brakes for the most demanding commuter environment in the country.

This crawling slug is really tough on your brakes, especially brake pads, drums, and calipers. That’s why regular brake service is critical for safely navigating Route 28, Leesburg Pike, I66 or The Beltway back and forth day after day. It is one simple thing you can do, just like regularly checking your oil, to minimize problems with your brakes down the road.

Also important to your driving safety and efficient road performance is your knowledge of your vehicle and detailed observations of what is wrong. This can dramatically affect not only the brake service in Centreville, VA, you have done but also the price. According to a 2011 study by the National Car Care Council nine in ten women believe they receive unequal treatment at auto-repair shops versus men. This is an interesting and potentially lucrative marketing opportunity for auto service providers, especially since women originate 65% of the auto service work done at auto dealerships, and each year they spend over $200 billion on new cars and automotive maintenance, repairs, and related vehicle services. A subsequent study out of Northwestern University in 2013 revealed automotive repair shops estimate higher price quotes to women who appeared uninformed about service work they needed. Interestingly, they assume men have a standing body of auto knowledge and are therefore more likely to know parts, problems, and service prices.

So, grab your owner's manual and do a little light bedtime reading to learn about your vehicle regular intervals for brake service in Centreville, VA. You can also check online to see what other consumers are paying for similar work to ensure you are getting a fair price. Kiplinger Magazine suggests you also consider a valuable little gadget made by CarMD. This hand-held device plugs into the port connection in your car and reads the car's diagnostic and trouble codes. Download the data to your computer for a detailed analysis of likely problems, common repairs, and what parts and labor cost in Northern Virginia.

Finally, finding a trusted auto mechanic or auto repair shop takes the worry out of maintaining your vehicle. Wiygul Automotive Clinic, a well-established, independent auto service center affiliated with the Goodyear Tire & Service Network, offers you comprehensive auto service and repair. Our customers say it best:

"Great work completed by pleasant, trusted professionals who did everything they could to fix what was needed at a reasonable price in timely fashion."

If you need a trusted mechanic for quality, reliable brake service near Centreville, VA, or any other reasonably priced auto service by top-rated ASE-certified mechanics, come to Wiygul Automotive Clinic.

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