brakes December 13, 2017

Burke, VA Motorists Look for Signs of Necessary Brake Repair

Motorists in Burke, VA have come to depend on Wiygul Automotive Clinic for their brake repairs and other automotive repairs as well. Our regular customers who use us for all their automotive repairs and maintenance and replacement tires know that whenever their vehicle is in our facility, we also watch out for other needed repairs, and one of those repairs we look out for the most is brake repair. We want our customers to know that we make their safety our number one priority.

We educate our customers in Burke, VA about what they need to look for to be able to tell if they are experiencing any signs of malfunctioning brakes including the following:

Low brake fluid could be a sign of worn disc brake pads or a leak in the brake system. If your brake warning light comes on it is most likely a leak. Don’t put brake repairs off; this could be dangerous and cause brake failure.

Low brake pedal may be a sign of worn brake linings or a fluid leak. It could be low if the shoe adjusters or rear drum brakes are rusted or sticking and not compensating for normal lining wear.

Spongy or soft brake pedal is usually caused by air in the brake system.

Excessive brake pedal time could be caused by worn brake linings, misadjusted drum brakes, or air in the brake lines. Dangerous because your brake pedal could run out of travel before brakes are fully applied.

Pedal sinks to the floor means master cylinder is not holding pressure. Could cause brakes to fail; need brake repair immediately.

Brake pedal pulsation indicates a warped brake rotor.

Scraping noise from brakes usually indicates metal-to-metal contact because of worn out disc brake pads or shoes on rear drum brakes. Dangerous because it may take your vehicle longer to stop.

Brakes squealing can be caused by vibration between the disc brake pads and caliper, or the pads and rotor.

Brake chatter can be resulting from warped rotors or rotors improperly finished.

Grabby brakes can be from oil, grease or brake fluid on the brake pads or from badly scored drums or rotors.

Brakes pull to one side, pulls toward the side with the good brake, usually the front brake is not working correctly. This can be caused by brake fluid, oil or grease on the brake pad, a stuck caliper, a blockage in the brake line to one of the front calipers or loose wheel bearings.

Hard brake pedal may be due to low engine vacuum, a leaky vacuum hose to the brake booster, or a defective brake booster.

Along with educating our customers on what to look for and the team at Wiygul Automotive Clinic in Burke, VA, whom our customers bring their vehicles to for other maintenance and their yearly state inspection, we are constantly keeping an eye out for your safety. We check for worn brakes and components at periodic maintenance intervals for your safety. The last thing we want is for one of our customers to experience brake failure. We appreciate our regular customers who credited us at Wiygul Automotive Clinic as a brake repair facility in Burke, VA they have grown to depend on and trust.

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