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What if I fail my emissions test during the Virginia State Inspection?

Before any driver gets on the road, they have to have a valid vehicle safety inspection, including an emissions inspection in some states, and they have to purchase insurance. Wiygul Automotive Clinic is one of many state certified inspection stations that offer emissions testing in Fairfax VA.

The following items are checked in the state vehicle inspection: tires, brakes, horn, frame and wheel fasteners, seat belts, steering, front end, suspension, and chassis, lights, fuel leaks, mirrors, windshield wipers and blades. If any equipment on your car or truck is not operating properly, you will receive a written inspection checklist with instructions on what to do to fix the problem(s) and have your vehicle re-inspected. At Wiygul Automotive Clinic our ASE trained, certified master technicians can diagnose and repair any emissions inspection issues that may arise, complete your vehicle inspection, and get you safely on your way.

Emissions inspections in Virginia should not cost more than $28 and are valid for two years. Vehicles will be charged an additional $2 fee per year at the time of registration. Within 15 days defects must be corrected and your vehicle re-inspected. Any driver may receive a traffic ticket for any defect still present if the vehicle is operated on a public roadway.

There are exceptions to the law. Any motorcycle, truck, or car over 25 years old is exempt from Virginia state smog and emissions testing. Motorcycles and qualified hybrid vehicles are completely exempt from emissions inspection. The DMV (VA Department of Motor Vehicles) mandates all other motor vehicles pass an emissions and smog inspection along with the traditional vehicle safety inspection.

There are several items the DMV notes. If you happen to relocate to VA and have a valid emissions inspection sticker on your auto from your former state, you might not have to take an emissions test to complete the car registration process in VA. If your automobile or truck passed an emissions or smog test in New Jersey, Maryland, Missouri, or Georgia during the past 12 months, your vehicle does not have to pass another emissions test in VA. The Wiygul Automotive Clinic emissions inspection station in Burke, VA electronically updates your DMV vehicle record with immediate test results. DMV will not ask for emissions information when you register your vehicle unless it failed the test or the information hasn't been received by the DMV.

If your vehicle needs a Virginia auto inspection our professional ASE certified technicians, serving our neighbors in Clifton, Fairfax Station, Annandale, Burke, Centreville, and Springfield, VA, are happy to help.

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