inspections January 09, 2018

VA State Police Require State Inspection near Fairfax Station, VA

According to Virginia state law and the Virginia State Police Safety Division, each Virginia vehicle must be inspected on an annual basis by an inspection station in order to apply for or renew a vehicle registration. Vehicle safety inspections are performed by certified VA State Emissions and Inspection technicians at a state approved Inspection Center like Wiygul Automotive Clinic.

The VA state vehicle inspection is designed to ensure your vehicle operates correctly and is completely safe to drive on the roadways of the Commonwealth. The cost of state safety inspections near Fairfax Station are the same as throughout the state as mandated by law - $16 for motor vehicles, including trailers and semitrailers, with motorcycle inspections at $12. Should the inspector find any issues you have 15 days to remedy the problems and return for a re-inspection. All secondary inspections cost one dollar.

If your state inspection sticker expires while you are on military active-duty stationed out of state, or are a full-time out of state college student, and you need a Virginia state inspection near Fairfax Station, VA, you can have your vehicle inspected again upon your return. You can drive an expired vehicle in Virginia while on leave as long as it has a valid out-of-state inspection sticker.

Official answers to your questions about the Virginia State Vehicle Inspection and registration information can be found at the VA DMV website, or talk to the state inspection specialists at Wiygul Automotive Clinic. As an authorized VA State Inspection Station and a full-service automotive center, our local automotive specialists have the knowledge, training and tools to help you before, during and after your state inspection.

Before it’s time for your VA state inspection take time to inspect your vehicle, or have us complete a pre-inspection checklist. When it comes to vehicle state inspection for Fairfax Station, VA motorists, we can help prevent unexpected, costly automotive surprises so you can quickly pass your vehicle inspection and get you safely back on the road in no time. Trust the Wiygul Automotive Clinic experts to perform an efficient state inspection near Fairfax Station, VA and to deliver comprehensive care for your vehicle.

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