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How to Prepare for Your VA State Inspection in Fairfax, VA

You can save yourself time and headache by using a pre-inspection checklist to review the status of your vehicle before you schedule your annual Virginia state inspection in Fairfax, VA. This way you can make any necessary repairs and then pass your inspection with flying colors.

The basic Virginia state inspection involves testing the operation of:

  • The driver’s seat; airbags, seat belts, and doors
  • Brakes and parking brake
  • Headlights and exterior lights, including turn signals and the license plate light
  • All four tires, wheels and rims
  • The horn, rear-view and side-view mirrors
  • The windshield, window glass, windshield wipers, and front and rear defrosters
  • The hood latch, engine belts, and all fluids
  • The steering and suspension systems and floor pan
  • The fuel and exhaust systems and air pollution controls

Many of these you can do yourself with very little experience. Depending on the age and condition of your vehicle, it may be worth your while to have a certified, professional mechanic do a quick check before your VA State inspection in Fairfax, VA.

It is smart to know your vehicle and it’s particular systems and functions, especially if you drive an older vehicle that has developed personal quirks. You need to know that your vehicle is completely safe to operate once you get on the road.

The cost of a vehicle inspection is $12 for motorcycles and $16 for passenger vehicles, SUVs, pickup trucks, trailers, and motorhomes. Plan to spend about an hour for your inspection during off-peak hours, and avoid the busy beginning and end of the month inspection times.

In the event the inspector finds an issue and cannot issue a new inspection sticker, you have 15 days to remedy the problem before re-inspection is required by law. This is good reason to tackle repairs in advance. By taking a proactive stance and taking the time for a pre-inspection review, you can avoid surprises and complete repairs properly without the added time pressure.

As an authorized VA State Inspection Station and a full-service automotive center, the local automotive specialists at Wiygul Automotive Clinic have the knowledge and tools to help you before, during and after your VA State Inspection in Fairfax, VA. Before it’s time for your VA state inspection in Fairfax, VA, review your vehicle checklist and prevent unexpected, costly automotive surprises.

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