inspections January 09, 2018

Why We Need Vehicles to Pass the Virginia State Inspection in Springfield, VA

In the late 1920s traffic on American roads was rapidly increasing. The sheer number of vehicles on the road, with so many of these vehicles operated unsafely, led to a mandated vehicle inspection program. According to the Legal Code of Virginia, the Virginia Annual Motor Vehicle Inspection Program was developed and adopted to promote highway safety. Its mission is to process inspection and registration for all Virginia vehicles so they are mechanically safe to operate on the roadways.

A vehicle inspection includes a systematic review of proper vehicle component functions to eliminate vehicle defects that could result in unsafe driving conditions. The inspection technician checks your vehicle brakes, the fuel and exhaust systems, steering, suspension and tires, and the air pollution control system. They will also check the airbags, doors, floorboard, lights and turn signals. The inspection process, including the inspected items and the inspection order, is mandated by the Virginia Motor Vehicle Inspection Program.

Virginia emissions inspections are valid for two years. Have your vehicle inspected at a certified emissions inspection station. No vehicle subject to an emissions inspection will be registered or re-registered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) until it passes the emissions inspection process.

If no defects are found upon completion of the inspection your vehicle will pass. A sticker placed on your windshield, shows the month and year when your inspection next expires. If there are faults identified, your vehicle will fail. A rejection sticker on your windshield notes you have 15 days to repair your vehicle. If the problem is not corrected at the time of re-inspection, you could receive a summons for any defect still present upon re-inspection. Completed repairs in that time will earn your vehicle a pass, with a valid state inspection sticker placed on your windshield.

Your vehicle inspection sticker expires on the last day of the month. There are no extensions. If you decide to drive a vehicle with Virginia license plates that do not display a valid inspection sticker you can be ticketed. If you are issued a ticket and found guilty, you could be fined and have to pay court costs. The offense is also reported on your driving record, which will have a negative impact on your auto insurance rate, but does not affect your driving privilege.

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