brakes January 10, 2018

Brake Service Saves Fairfax Station, VA Motorists on Repairs

The difference between brake service and brake repair is the overall cost. Like most of us, you work hard for your paycheck, and you try your best to make it last and work for you. Nothing can crunch your wallet more than the cost of major brake repairs. Typically speaking, proper maintenance on anything will cost you less in repair bills down the road. Brakes are no different.

If you properly service your brake system, you can avoid unnecessary brake repair bills later. Proper brake service is crucial for the lifespan of the pricier brake parts that can go wrong with your braking system. Take for instance your rotors. Rotors may warp if they have been tightened improperly, if you failed to change the brake pads when worn and from being exposed to too much heat. A technician in the Fairfax Station, VA area can resurface or turn the warped rotor if possible. Otherwise, you would need to replace the rotors, which is more expensive.

Simply check your car’s brake fluid level regularly. If you see it is low, fill it back up but be sure not to overfill the brake fluid tank. Servicing brake pads regularly and replacing them when needed can save Fairfax Station, VA motorists the extra money of having to replace their rotors. Be sure to check your entire braking system yearly which should include: brake pads, rotors, shoes, drums, calipers, and brake fluid. The brake fluid should be serviced by changing the fluid at 24,000 to 36,000 miles, or according to your owner’s manual.

Neglecting to give your car’s braking system the attention it needs could be devastating if your brakes were to fail on you while driving. Pay close attention to the warning signs that your brakes need to be serviced. If you notice anything different about the way your car stops, such as squealing, grinding, pulling to one side or the other, or the brake pedal going to the floor, it is time to take your car to an ASE-certified technician near Fairfax Station, VA and have your brakes serviced.

Properly maintaining your cars braking system regularly can save you money by prolonging major brake repairs. As with most things, brakes do wear out. Eventually, you will have to replace them. There is no getting around it; it’s just one of those car parts that wear out on automobiles.

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