brakes January 10, 2018

Grinding, Squeaking, or Squealing Brakes Near Burke, VA?

We’ve all heard the troublesome noises vehicles make when something is wrong with the brakes. When you hear grinding, squeaking, or squealing as you drive through Burke, VA, those metal-on-metal sounds are an alert to everyone in earshot that they need immediate attention.

Drivers near Burke, VA, need to act quickly when brakes begin grinding and squeaking – emitting those ear-splitting sounds. When you hear your brakes making any of these sounds trust the ASE-certified, AAA approved team of auto service experts at Wiygul Automotive Clinic to quickly and accurately diagnose your brake issue and perform the appropriate repairs and replacements with top-quality automotive parts and fluids. That way you can get safely back on the road and on your way with confidence.

Wiygul Automotive Clinic for timely, dependable, effective brake repair and any necessary auto repairs when you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • More time or distance to stop your vehicle
  • Squealing, squeaking, or screeching noises when driving or while stopping
  • Grinding brakes
  • Brake “grabbing” that pulls the vehicle to the left or right
  • Spongy or soft brake pedal that quickly drops to the vehicle floorboard
  • Vibration, throbbing, or pulsations when stopping
  • Antilock brake system (ABS) dashboard warning light activated

As a family-owned local business Wiygul Automotive Clinic is here to serve the neighborhoods and communities in and around Burke in Northern Virginia. Every day we diagnose vehicle trouble, perform brake inspections, and deliver spot-on brake and auto services for a lifetime of safe, cost-effective and dependable auto travel.

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