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When is it Time for Automotive Brake Repair in Burke, VA?

The engine of your car creates the power to go places, the steering system directs your car, and the wheels and tires allow your car roll. While such accessories as air conditioning and a stereo might help make your trip much more enjoyable, none of this matters if you can’t stop your car. Your brakes are the most important part of your vehicles overall mechanical system.

Usually, by the time you take your vehicle for any automotive brake repairs in Burke, VA, the damage has already been done and will usually cost significantly more to repair. Understanding how your brakes work and what can go wrong with them will better help you in knowing when you need automotive brake repair in Burke, VA.

How Brakes Work

When you step on your brake pedal, this causes a special liquid, brake fluid, to push friction pads against components on your wheels called rotors. This is what slows your vehicle to a stop. As simple as this may sound, there are a number of different parts all working together to make up your braking system.

Common Problems Needing Automotive Brake Repair

  1. Brake fluid leaking due to cracks in brake lines or hoses.
  2. Air in the system.
  3. Worn pads or warped rotors.
  4. Braking heavily on hilly or curvy roads which cause materials to overheat and lose their ability to stop your vehicle.
  5. Loss of ABS (anti-lock brake system) which reduces braking efficiency and possibly causing loss of control of your vehicle or an accident.
  6. Grease or oil on pads or rotors causing a temporary loss of stopping capability.
  7. Uneven application of hydraulic pressure on all tires can make for reduced braking ability.
  8. A shaking sensation when brakes are applied due to unevenly worn brake pads or warped brake rotors.
  9. A grinding or screeching noise caused by worn brake pads scraping the rotors.

If you are having any of these issues with your braking system, take your car to the automotive brake repair center in Burke, VA as soon as possible.

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