brakes January 12, 2018

How to Know the Signs for a Brake Pad Replacement in Burke, VA

Are your brakes acting up? Signs you might need a brake pad replacement for your vehicle in Burke, VA include:

• Are your brakes continuously squeaking, squealing, or grinding?
• Are your brakes or anti-locking braking system (ABS) warning light coming on?
• Does your car jerk or pull to one side or the other when braking?
• Does your brake pedal feel soft or does it go all the way to the floor when pressed?

What happens if your brake light comes on?

If your brake warning light comes on, you need to take your vehicle to a certified technician for a brake inspection. It could indicate that your brake fluid is low, you may have worn brake pads in which case you will need a brake pad replacement, your brakes could be leaking, or quite possibly, you could even have a faulty sensor that may affect your antilock braking system.

What makes your car shake when you brake?

You could have an out-of-round rotor or brake drum which you are feeling through the brake pedal. You might have a sticking brake caliper with worn out brake hardware which causes you to feel vibrations through the steering wheel. If you are having these symptoms, take your vehicle to your mechanic in Burke, VA so that he can determine what repairs need to be done. Quite possibly, you will need a brake pad replacement

Why do you hear a grinding noise when stopping?

Once your brake pads wear down, you might hear a grinding noise from the worn down friction material allowing the metal backing plate to contact the rotor. At this point, you will need new rotors or the old ones repaired and also a brake pad replacement from your Burke, VA technician.

Why does my brake pedal feel spongy?

A spongy or soft brake pedal when you press down with your foot could mean you have air in your brake lines. Take it to your technician in Burke, VA to have your brakes inspected.

You should have your brakes checked at least once a year or every 15,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual to see what your vehicle manufacturer suggests. Because of the materials and components that brakes are made of they wear down over time. A brake pad replacement for your Burke, VA vehicle is just part of regular maintenance and one you should never overlook. You should be able to have at least two brake pad replacements in Burke, VA before you have to replace your rotors.

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