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How a Virginia State Inspection near Springfield, VA is Performed

All vehicles near Springfield, VA are required to have an annual Virginia state inspection. The required inspection at an approved Springfield, VA state inspection center requires the following:

The state inspector at your Virginia state inspection center near Springfield, VA will remove your old inspection sticker and inspect certain parts and features on your vehicle to make sure they are in proper working order.

  • Brakes are inspected for worn or defective linings or drums, discs pads or rotors, leakage and proper fluid level.
  • The parking brake is checked for broken or missing parts and adjustment.
  • Headlights are inspected for the condition of the lamps, lenses, wiring, switch and the aim and output. Also, the high beam indicator is inspected.
  • Other lights are inspected for approved type, aim of fog and driving lamps, proper bulbs, the condition of lenses, illumination of all lamps and proper color of lenses. Every vehicle must have a rear lamp showing a red light to the rear and a white light illuminating the rear license plate.
  • The signal device is inspected for proper bulbs, correct operation, and illumination of lamps and proper lens color.
  • Steering and Suspension will be checked for wear in the bushings, kingpins, ball joints, wheel bearings and tie rod ends, play in the steering, leaking power steering fluid, and wheel and axle alignment.
  • Tire inspection for the condition of tires to see if they are cracked or damaged and the tread depth will also be checked.
  • Mirrors are inspected for road visibility, mounting, and the condition of the reflecting surface.
  • The windshield is inspected for cracks, scratches, broken glass or other obstruction to vision.
  • The condition of the windshield wiper and the operation of the defroster will be inspected.
  • Exhaust system inspection will check the exhaust line including manifold, gaskets, connections, muffler and pipes, and leakage of gases.
  • A seat belt and airbag inspection will also be performed to make sure each are in good operational condition.

Virginia state inspections are done for your safety and other Springfield, VA drivers on the highways. A Virginia state inspection ensures you that your car has passed the safety inspection requirements for all registered vehicles in the state of Virginia.

By knowing what to expect during your inspection, you can pre-check specific parts before taking your vehicle to a certified Virginia state inspection center near Springfield, VA. This way you can avoid having a rejection sticker instead of a current Virginia state inspection sticker applied to your vehicle by your state inspector near Springfield, VA.

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