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How an Automotive Brake Inspection Prolongs the Life of Rotors in Burke, VA

A regular automotive brake inspection could lighten your financial load and prolong the life of your rotors in Burke, VA. Not having the proper maintenance on your vehicles braking system could end up costing you in unnecessary expenses; not to mention, it is not practicing safe driving habits either.

Your braking system is made of up components which rely on each other to make sure that when you step down on your brake pedal, your vehicle STOPS! A routine automotive brake inspection in Burke, VA will inform you when you need to replace your brake pads, need brake fluid added, and if you need new rotors. This should be done at each oil change or every five months.

These routine automotive brake inspections in Burke, VA give you a cushion to detect brake wear. Without inspections, you could run into major problems and run into the unnecessary cost of replacing the rotors because of “metal on metal” wear. Once all the brake pad friction material wears off and the steel backing plate of the brake pad grinds into the rotor, you get “metal on metal” wear.

Regular brake maintenance such as replacing your brake pads will lengthen the life of your rotors. You should be able to get two or more brake pad replacements in between replacing your brake rotors. Rotors are like brake pads, they too, do not last forever. These variables influence the rate at which your rotors wear.

  • Type of brake pads
  • How efficiently rotors cool themselves
  • Hardness and quality of castings
  • Type of driving environment
  • Braking habits of driver
  • Exposure to moisture and road salt

The thickness of your rotors should be measured each time your brakes are surfaces. Whenever your rotor is worn down to the minimum thickness specification, which is usually marked on the casting, or cannot be resurfaced without exceeding the dimension, you must replace your rotors.

While everyone wants to stretch the dollar, you should never cut corners when it comes to your brakes. Your brakes are what keeps you and your passengers, other drivers on the road, and the child riding his or her bicycle safe from an accident if you cannot get stopped in Burke, VA. Remember: Always have an automotive brake inspection every time you have your oil changed.

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