brakes January 13, 2018

The Importance of Brake Pad Replacement near Springfield, VA

Brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle that you shouldn’t ignore. Getting stopped is a priority for any car owner. Brake pad replacement depends on several factors near Springfield, VA, including:

• Driving habits—if you ride your brakes and stop abruptly instead of coasting to a stop most of the time, chances are you will need brake pad replacements more often.
• Environment—driving in a big city where there is stop and go traffic, day in and day out, will wear out your brakes earlier than if you are driving mostly on interstates or highways.
• Brake pad hardness—hard brakes last longer but need to be warm before they perform well whereas soft pads perform better at lower speeds such as urban areas. Too much heat can melt your brake pads and reduce brake performance if your driving gets too extreme.
• Materials—Carbon-ceramic brakes last longer than standard brakes but need to be warmer for them to be effective.

How to Tell When You Need Your Brake Pads Replaced

1. Whenever you have your regularly scheduled oil change, you should have your technician take a look at your brake pads and check the thickness. Check your car’s manual to see what the manufacturer recommends to give you a general idea of how long your brake pads should be lasting.
2. If you hear a metallic scraping noise, grinding, squealing or screeching noise when you apply your brakes, then a brake pad replacement near Springfield, VA, is needed immediately.
3. If you see any signs that your brakes are worn or they are not performing as well, you need a brake pad replacement.
4. The brake pedal is lower than normal.
5. Vibration in the steering wheel.

An important safety measure would be to have your vehicle scheduled for regular brake service near Springfield, VA. Anytime you drive with worn brake pads, your braking distances increase and you risk the damage to your brake rotors which are even more expensive to replace. You also place yourself and others at risk if you do not take care of your vehicle’s braking system.

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