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Brake Service in Burke, VA and the Basics of Brake Mechanics

Brake service in Burke, VA is an integral part of your vehicle safety system. When you apply your brake pedal, you expect your brakes to be applied with adequate force to stop your forward momentum.

Every driver knows when you press your foot on your vehicle brake pedal the vehicle stops. But how does the pressure from your foot transfer to the wheels with enough force to stop your heavy vehicle? Here, you will be introduced to the systems and components required to allow brakes to work effectively.

According to automotive brakes are designed to slow and stop a vehicle by transforming kinetic (motion) energy into heat energy. When the brake linings contact the drums and/or rotors they create friction which produces heat energy. The intensity of that heat energy is proportional to the speed and weight of the vehicle and the force of the stop. Faster speeds, heavier vehicles, and quicker stops generate more heat.

To keep your brakes in prime operation, make sure all brake drums are inspected during basic brake service in Burke, VA. When you have brake service performed, have the components inspected for:

•Excessive wear or scoring

• Heat checks or hot spots

•Distortion or warping


Any brake drum that is cracked must be replaced immediately to restore effective brake operation.


Diagnosing brake problems is best left to qualified, ASE-certified brake service specialists. In Burke, VA, schedule your brake service appointment with the automotive experts at Wiygul Automotive Clinic.  Our brake service specialists will walk you through a few basic steps:

•Listen to the operation of the brakes

•Verify the substance of the problem

•Perform a visual inspection

•Conduct a brake pedal check

•Test Drive (before and after repairs)

•Under what conditions did the problem occur?

•Does the problem occur with every brake application?

•Check correct fluid levels in the master cylinder reservoir

•Eliminate the existence of external leaks– visually check the master cylinder, calipers, and/or wheel cylinders for leaks.

You depend on your brakes to keep you safe on the road, so depend on the qualified, ASE-certified brake service specialists at Wiygul Automotive Clinic for dependable, comprehensive brake service in Burke, VA. We’ll have you safely back on the road in no time.

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