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Car Inspection in Fairfax Station, VA – The Rejection Sticker

A car inspection in Fairfax Station, VA is required annually by law.  The safety and maintenance of privately owned vehicles is not always regulated in other states, but the Commonwealth of Virginia mandates vehicle safety inspections annually to ensure that cars kept in and driven on its roadways meet stringent safety standards. According to AAA, this one automotive safety practice helps reduce avoidable accidents and traffic-related injuries and deaths on our roads.

Trailers, semitrailers, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs and cars need inspection in Fairfax Station by the end of the month found on the current windshield inspection sticker in the year of expiration. Antique vehicles over twenty-five years or older are exempted from an annual car inspection in Fairfax Station, VA, as are newly manufactured vehicles that also also exempted from the state car inspection.

Should your vehicle fail a car inspection in Fairfax Station, VA, a rejection sticker, valid for 15 days from the date of inspection, will be placed on your windshield. In no way does this limit or restrict travel or operation of your vehicle, but it is an indicator to law enforcement that your car may be unsafe to operate without the repair of any defects found during your car inspection. It also means that you are still subject to all traffic laws found in the Virginia Legal Code, and are legally responsible to correct all vehicle defects within that 15-day period. Once your car is reinspected and passes, you’ll be safely on your way.

The true auto professionals at Wiygul Automotive Clinic are ASE-Certified, factory-trained and state approved for car inspections. Fairfax Station, VA motorists will appreciate our honesty and drive away with the comfort of knowing their vehicle defects are cured and their car is at optimum safety when they pass their Virginia state car inspection.

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