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Tips for a Smooth VA State Inspection in Springfield, VA

According to Virginia state law, every vehicle registered in the Commonwealth must be inspected annually by an approved inspection station. Additionally, emissions inspections are required biennially in conjunction with the registration renewal process in Northern Virginia jurisdictions. Each inspection station displays a large white sign with blue lettering designating it as an official Virginia state inspection station. Many are co-located within new vehicle dealerships and service repair stations.

VA state inspection stickers are yellow and located along the lower edge in the center of the vehicle windshield. Newly registered vehicles with a valid inspection from another state are exempt from the VA state inspection process until their existing out-of-state inspection expires.

Before your scheduled Va state inspection in Springfield, VA make a list of any leaks, odd engine noises, tire wear, safety issues, needed repairs, cracked glass and unusual smells. Check the condition and levels of all fluids. Don’t forget to examine your car’s exterior for dents, rust, and scratches. You want to keep your car in top shape for as long as possible, and these bits of information will help you and your mechanic identify, diagnose and effectively repair or replace damaged, worn, or broken parts to keep your car at its best, inside and out.

At Wiygul Automotive Clinic we take care of you and your car with a comprehensive, by-the-book VA state inspection. Springfield, VA motorists can rely on our team of ASE-certified mechanics to provide a quick, thorough and complete VA state inspection for their vehicles.

Before and after your VA state inspection take your car on a test drive and note how the car steers, brakes, and handles. Once your vehicle has passed the VA state inspection in Springfield, VA you will feel all of your automotive systems performing at their optimum level. The professional automotive experts at Wiygul Automotive Clinic will have your car ready for another year of safe, worry-free driving.

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