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Why It Is Important To Have Routine Brake Service in Burke, VA

Why is Routine Brake Service in Burke, VA So Important?
Your vehicle brake system is the only mechanism able to stop your vehicle quickly and safely – it  is a vital, life-saving component of  your car. A properly maintained brake system protects you, your vehicle and passengers, and everyone else sharing the road. Periodic inspection of brake pad friction material, key mechanical components, and smooth hydraulics ensures optimal brake system performance and allows you to plan more cost effective brake service and repairs.

Signs of Good Brake Service in Burke, VA
At Wiygul Automotive Clinic our ASE-Certified mechanics perform a thorough inspection of the brake linings and key brake system components. We review a written diagnostic evaluation, including detailed findings. Only after your signature do we have authorization to begin work.  The results of your brake service  can influence brake system performance, but our brake service specialists in Burke, VA also make repair recommendations based on your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Brake Service Basics in Burke, VA
Brake service in Burke, VA is performed at specific intervals, typically every 12,000 miles. This provides optimum vehicle safety inspections.  With your Brake Service Inspection we’ll check your:

  • brake fluid
  • master cylinder exchange
  • pads and/or brake shoes
  • calipers
  • hoses
  • rotors or drums
  • wheel cylinders
  • parking brake cables
  • wheel bearings

This assortment of brake parts have one  specific task: to stop your car with precision— every single time you apply the brakes. Early detection at the first signs of a brake problem is critical.  So naturally, if you notice a problem, head over to Wiygul Automotive Clinic immediately. We will perform the needed brake service in Burke, VA at our state-of-the-art Auto Service Center.

Emergency Brake Service in Burke, VA
If you have an emergency, we’ll see you right away. For your convenience, schedule an appointment for regular brake service in Burke, VA. The ASE-Certified mechanics at Wiygul Automotive Clinic are happy to help.

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