brakes February 12, 2018

Safety is What Car Repairs Are Really About

A running theme for Wiygul Automotive Clinic this month is driver and passenger safety. That’s what vehicle inspections and automotive repair is really about. Fixing problems when they’re small is not just about staving off larger car repair bills – though that is certainly a worthwhile consideration in this economy – but it’s about keeping you and your passengers safe foremost.

Driving a car that is in disrepair is risky business, particularly if you travel the highways of Northern Virginia. Having a break down on the side of the road is inconvenient at least, but at worst you can have accident and/or cause others to have accidents. Commuters from Burke, Virginia and surrounding areas are in one of the most congested driving locations in the US – with the metro area boasting two of the top highway bottlenecks in the country. You and the passengers in your car are not the only ones at risk.

So Wiygul Automotive Clinic has created a variety of resources, including a newly launched channel on You Tube, to help our customers. Our most recent video addresses tire safety. A big culprit for a roadside breakdown is a blown tire, which may result from any number of issues related to tire inflation, tread and alignment.

This is also Brake Safety Awareness month, and we at Wiygul Automotive Clinic think it’s important to get on board with these national campaigns and help reinforce the safety messages. These campaigns can be a great reminder for you to stop into your independent automotive shop or gas station and have your brakes inspected. It’s easy to lose track of time and forget that you haven’t had a car maintenance check up in a long time.

When you do pop into your local car repair shop to check the brakes, make note of whether you have been able to stop easily and how the brakes have felt when you press your foot against them. Are they firm or spongy, and do you hear squealing or grinding? Does it feel different if you stop from different speeds? Be sure to let your auto mechanic know what you are experiencing.

Perhaps you’ll be one of the 33 million drivers out on the highways over Labor Day weekend. Make sure your car is road worthy and safe so everyone has a great holiday. Visit our website for more resources on tire safety and brake inspection.

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