brakes September 04, 2018

5 Warning Signs You Need Brake Repair

One car problem that you just can’t put off is trouble with your brakes. Your safety and that of your passengers depend on the condition of your brake system.

But how do you know they need work? Here at Wiygul Automotive Clinic, we often get questions about the warning signs you need brake repair. So we’ve put together this quick list of 5 warnings signs that should never be ignored.

#1. Your Brake Light Comes On

The easiest indicator to notice is your brake warning light on the dashboard. It’s usually red or yellow and easy to spot. That means it’s time to get your brakes inspected.

Wiygul offers a free, visual inspection. One of our certified mechanics will check the brake system, measure your brake pads and test the fluid. It just takes a quick phone call to make an appointment.

#2. You Hear Strange Noises

Have you started to hear grinding or squeaking noises when you apply the brake pedal? How about a metallic sounding squeal? When your brake pads start to wear out, you will often hear a high-pitched sound.

Bring your car in as soon as possible. Replacing the pads is much less expensive than letting the problem get worse. If you end up with rotor troubles, the cost will be much higher.

#3. Your Steering Wheel Vibrates

Does your steering wheel vibrate when you brake? Or it might pull to one side. Your car might feel like its wobbling. It probably means the rotor is uneven and needs work.

Bring your car in to have a skilled mechanic at Wiygul’s check your brake system and make recommendations for repair.

#4. Your Pedal Is Squishy

This usually means brake fluid is leaking from the system. Sometimes you’ll notice a different feel when you brake. The pedal will be spongy and you’ll need to push harder to get the car to stop.

Don’t delay on this. Bring your car in right away. Whether it’s a matter of trouble in the master cylinder or moisture in the system, the situation puts you at risk.

#5. You Smell a Burning Odor

You can’t miss a burning smell with a chemical odor when you brake. It usually happens when the system is overheated after braking again and again. Deal with it immediately by pulling over and letting your brakes cool down.

Then let a mechanic check the condition of your brakes and fluid by bringing it in for a free inspection.

If you have any questions or worries at all about the condition of your brakes, bring your car into Wiygul’s Automotive Clinic for a free, visual inspection. It’s important for safety not to delay when you’re worried about your brakes.

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