Featured in the CORR Racing series the MT's deep, full-traction tread can handle your toughest traction needs. Variable tread-void across the tread center and shoulder means good ride and top handling, with excellent off-road traction. Aggressive, open shoulder lugs with side-biting edges dig down and also grab sides of ruts. Features more pitches than most leading mud tires and more biting edges per revolution. The durable 834 is also ice-stud compatible.

Features of Kumho ROAD VENTURE MT 834

  • Greater number of pitches than most leading mud terrain tires
  • Alternating, "cupped-out", shoulder lugs with side bite edges
  • Pinned for the addition of ice-studs, when Mother Nature is at her worst
  • Specially formulated tread compound
  • Variable tread void; wide open shoulder lugs; less void in center of footprint
  • Nylon sidewall reinforcement
  • Durable nylon belt edge strip

Benefits of Kumho ROAD VENTURE MT 834

  • Provides more biting edges per tire revolution
  • Dig down and grab ruts for additional traction
  • Resists cuts, chips, and abrasions common to off-road driving
  • For better traction, good wear, ride and handling performance
  • Promotes durability in the most rugged commercial applications
  • Gives high speed stability and resistance to centrifugal forces

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