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Benefits of Hunter Equipment

Hunter Engineering Company has revolutionized the way tires are installed and balanced, and they manufacture state-of-the-art machines that make the difficult job of tire installation easier and more precise.

Why does it matter?

Vehicles are being built differently than they used to – with lighter, unibody construction, stiffer suspensions, and larger tire/rim packages. When you combine this with the increasing demand for lower-profile*, high performance tires, you get an unintentional and annoying result: a stiff, bumpy, uncomfortable ride. We’re also seeing an upswing in expensive, high-end wheels that must be handled with care to prevent scratches and dents (some wheels even require reverse mounting of the tires, which many machines can’t handle). This is where Hunter equipment comes in.

Low profile tires have an aspect ratio of 45 and lower. The aspect ratio refers to the overall height of the sidewall of the tire, and can be found in the 2nd portion of your tire size (245/45R18). The lower the number, the thinner the tire will look from the side, and the stiffer the sidewall will be.

Standard profile tires have an aspect ratio of 50 and higher.

Touchless mounting

You can’t really mount a tire onto wheel without touching it, but this expression is used to mean that no metal part will contact with the wheel itself. The machines have plastic covers that will not scratch, ding, or dent high-end wheels. Lower-profile tires have extremely stiff sidewalls, which are much harder to install, thus increasing the risk for both tire and wheel damage. The machines also incorporate uniquely shaped components that ensure the tire doesn’t sustain damage and it is perfectly seated on the rim. To top it off, Hunter equipment can handle wheels that require reverse mounting (where the tire must be installed from the opposite side of the wheel to prevent tire damage).

Road force balancing

High-speed, dynamic computer balancing is pretty typical these days; Hunter takes it one step further with road force balancing. The difference is that, in addition to the standard balancing procedure, the machine will simulate a load on top of the tire while it spins. This mimics the tire actually being driven on (or putting “road force” on the tire + wheel), which accounts for imbalances that you wouldn’t feel until the tires were put back on your vehicle. This makes for a much more accurate balance, and allows for the smoothest ride possible.

Is it necessary for all vehicles?

While low-profile, high performance tires and wheels will benefit the most from Hunter equipment, every tire on the road should be installed with precision and care. Standard profile tires and wheels will definitely feel the benefit from these special machines as well. Mitigating vibration, excessively rough rides, and potential tire + rim damage is the way of the future.

At Wiygul Automotive Clinic, we use Hunter equipment because we want the best for our customers and their vehicles (whether you have a minivan or a Lamborghini). Stop by any of our 8 locations today, and our experienced technicians will treat your tires and wheels with all the TLC they deserve!

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