tires December 12, 2017

Using Nitrogen In Your Tires: Good For Northern Virginia Drivers or Just a Passing Craze?

Residents in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia metro area are hip to the latest trends and like to lead in trying new ideas. But how do you know when an idea is simply a passing fad? Putting nitrogen in tires is not exactly a new idea but one that has resurfaced as people look for ways to make driving more economical and environmentally sensitive.

As a replacement for standard air, nitrogen in tires promises great results for a driver's checking accounts while simultaneously reducing the vehicle owner's impact on the environment. Experts claim, and studies have found, using nitrogen to inflate a car tire increases its life span by at least 50 percent. One way is by reducing tire failure — a fancy way of saying reducing flats or blown-out tires. Using nitrogen in your tires reduces the likelihood of a tire failure by up to 75 percent. Nitrogen's properties mean that tires stay inflated longer, whereas oxygen-inflated tires leak air at a much higher rate.

Also, tires inflated with nitrogen have increased fuel efficiency as well, saving drivers money at the pump too. Owners report up to 10 percent better fuel mileage while traveling on nitrogen-inflated tires. This should be music to your ears. If all cars were driven with properly inflated tires, billions of gasoline could be saved and pollution greatly reduced.

So with these great benefits of using nitrogen in tires why are more people not doing it? Possibly because they are unaware of the benefits or may not have heard about this great idea. Nitrogen is an inert gas, and therefore it is made of nothing — precisely what your want in your tires.

The air you breathe every day is made of nitrogen and oxygen. While oxygen is vital for human survival, it can be bad because it contains water that can lead to oxidation problems and tire rubber deterioration.

For more information on using nitrogen in tires, and for all of your car maintenance needs, contact the car care experts at Wiygul Automotive Clinic. Located in Burke, VA and serving all of the Washington DC area including Fairfax Station, VA, Clifton, VA, Fairfax City, VA and Springfield, VA, the highly trained professional at Wiygul Automotive Clinic will keep you on the road in a safe and honest manner.

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